3D Virtual Tours

Interactive Floor Plan

Every tour has an Interactive Floor Plan, allowing a viewer to fully understand a property's layout

360° Walkthrough

Clients can move through a property as if they're already there, explore a new home or office to ensure it's perfect before investing time to see it

Bird/Dollhouse View

View a Tour as if it was a model in your hand, rotate the view to any angle to fully understand how the rooms connect

Website Intergration

With a direct website link & iframe code you can link directly to the tour or display the tour on your own website

Point Of Interest Tags

Informative text tags highlighting points of interest to ensure that no detail is missed by the viewer. 10 POI tags included with ever tour

Multimedia Tags

Upgraded POI Tags which incliude clickable links, marketing videos, brochure downloads, online order systems, audio tracks & much more

Cloud Hosting

All tours are hosted in the cloud to provide a fast and reliable viewing experience. All tours come with 12 months of free hosting

Time On Site

Typically an average time of 1-2 hours is appropriate. This enables us to provide a clean model with a well thought out tour experience

Automated Tour Guide

A guided tour can be set to play automatically or when requested to ensure no highlight is missed

24/7 Inspections

Enable potential buyers and renters the ability to easily view your advertised property from anywhere at anytime

Device Compatibility

Our tours are viewable on all major desktops, tablets, and mobile devices with an internet connection

Social Media

Easily share your tour link on Social Media websites, including 360° panoramas to greatly increase interest in your property

Virtual Reality

Built with latest technologies in mind, tours can be viewed with various VR Headsets with an additional conversion process

Tour Photos

10 photos are provided directly from the tour for use in your online marketing campaign, perfect for rental listings

Dimensional Accuracy

Due to depth sensing technology models are typically accurate to within 1%. Direct sunlight can decrease this efficiency

How Long

Once we've completed our scan at the property we can have a tour ready for delivery within 24 hours. (Often it can only take a few hours)

We service ALL of New Zealand

Tour Photos

Suitable for all property types, perfect for the rental market. Extracted straight out of the 3D Virtual Tour, ready for your properties listing page.

Pricing Guide



No Additional Room Charges

The above pricing is for all standard sized homes from 1-5 bedrooms and also includes Point Of Interest Tags.

If the property is outside of the Manawatu, travel charges will apply.