About Us

SmartView Media provides a complete marketing solution for any requirement.

We specialise in virtual, immersive products to give you the upper edge over your competition and to impress your customers with your product offering.

From designing brochures, logos and websites to Virtual Tours of your building or interactive mapping we can do it all.

Company History

One Brand

To align all our services under the one name we consilidated our businesses into the single SmartView Media brand. SmartView Media Limited today covers all 3D Virtual Tours, CAD Drawing, Signwriting, Design, Aerial Photography, Film making, and much more! Why don't you check out our services and how we can help you above!

3D Virtual Tours

As we saw an opening in the Australian & New Zealand Real Estate scene for the emerging technologies of 360 Degree Virtual Tours, SmartView Media Limited was formed. This was to provide the Real Estate and Commercial scene with 360 Degree Tours, and 3D Virtual Tours explorable with VR Technology to give viewers a truely emmersive experience when buying their next property.

Up, up and away!

UAVCam Limited was started as an Aerial Photography and Videography service in the Manawatu. With our keen interest in RC planes and UAV's along with an interest in Photography and Film, we were able to put them togeather in the best way possible! Under UAVCam we covered the Manawatu Floods of 2015 and made the front page on several NZ News Websites. We have done several photography jobs for Real Estate Companies, Developers, Councils and Private Companies.

Expanding our Services

To align with our growing range of services we changed our name to Umbrella Media Group Limited to better reflect the additional services. At this point we were offering ground based Photography, CAD, Design, Signwriting and CNC machining services.

Where we began

With a clear goal of providing quality CAD drawings for clients, Umbrella CAD Services Limited was formed. Initially providing CAD Drawings for Shop Drawings, ACM Cladding and Tracing services we also offered some Design and Signwriting services.