Aerial Photography


Promotional Videos

If you're looking for the perfect way to showcase a product or service, look no further than our Promotional Video service.

We produce top quality Promotional Videos on any subject, utilalising both ground based photography and aerial photography.

All videos are profesionally edited and supplied in 4K Ultra High Definition for use on your own marketing materials or YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

Event Coverage

Aerial Filming is ideal for any event, as it gives the best possible view of the crowds, content and atmosphere which gives you a unique marketing tool or record of an event that is practically unobtainable any other way!

We offer full packages from aerial photography and filming to traditional ground based filming, and a combined package of both. We are available for anything from hour long bookings to full days, or multiple day bookings.

Real Estate

Are you a Real Estate agent or private seller looking for that extra special view of a property you're selling or renting? Aerial Photography gives your prospective buyers one of the best ways of viewing a property.

Our aerial photography Real Estate service is charged at an hourly rate that is very affordable. We also offer video and image editing as well as interior Virtual Tours and video tours of the property and interior.

Inspections & Infrastructure

At height inspections are ideal for anyone in the construction sector to the home owner that wants to check on their roof condition without having to gain potentially dangerous physical access to their roof.

Images can be captured in 4K Video or 16MP still to give you a very high quality look at the condition of the roof or at height object.

We also provide full services for checking erosion on banks, cliff faces etc. Just get in touch with your specific needs and let's work together.

Agriculture & Mapping

Don't have time to cover your farm everyday or just want information on stock movements, crop information, stockpile assessment, drainage plans and more? Then we have the aerial solution for you!

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to quote. We are also able to supply UAV crafts for agricultural use and provide a full training and instructional service to get you up to speed with the operation of your craft.

UAVs are perfect for cost effective agriculture and horticulture aerial 3D mapping

Other Services

We also can do practically any form of aerial image capturing. Here is a small list of other services we have provided:

Aerial Virtual Tours
Sports & Action Sports Coverage
Insurance Assesement
Event Security
Forensic Area Photography
Emergency Response

Think of something you'd like to do? Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to work with you to achieve it!

We service ALL of New Zealand

Experts in Aerial Photography

Welcome to SmartView. We are based in Palmerston North, New Zealand and primarily cover the lower North Island. If you live outside this area please enquire anyway as we are happy to look at and quote for any location.

We specialise in Aerial Photography for customers looking for that different and unique view of their next project.

Currently operating top of the line UAVs we have the ability to cover practically any shooting situation.

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) - also commonly known as Drones - are a remote control device that have practically unlimited applications.

Qualifications and Experience

All of our pilots at SmartView are members of the New Zealand Model Aircraft Association and all of our flights comply completely with all current CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) legislation and rules.

Between our pilots we have over 8 years experience operating UAV craft.

For your benefit you can be assured that all our jobs are overseen by very experienced operators to provide the safest environment we can to property, people and other operations.

Flight & Environment Restrictions

Currently the rules surrounding use of UAV systems in New Zealand limits their use to an upper ceiling of 120M (400Ft) AGL and only within line of site of the operator.

Landowner permission is required for all flights.

The only drawback can be the natural environment! We are unable to complete jobs in winds higher than 35km/h. If a job is booked and has to be postponed due to weather, rest assured that we will do it on the next suitable day with no extra charges to you.


We take the safety of onlookers and property seriously!

Health & Safety

Before undertaking any flight we always do a thorough check of our equipment, operating area and most importantly our pilots!

Making sure the people flying the craft are at the top of their game immediately reduces the risk significantly.

At SmartView we have full health and safety policies in place and always put the safety of people and property first.


SmartView is fully insured with a New Zealand based aviation insurer to guarantee any issues are promptly resolved.

Hiring us gives you peace of mind that in the very unlikely event of a failure or accident then we have full public liability insurance that will cover any situation.

Craft Maintenance

Maintenance of our UAV systems is done very regularly and thoroughly to help prevent any inflight failure.

Our craft are already of very high quality and all components, if and when required, are replaced with quality brands to guarantee we are flying safely.

Not only do we service our flight systems, we also make sure all ground equipment we use is up to standard.

We service ALL of New Zealand