CAD Drafting

Shop Drawings

SmartView CAD specialises in shop drawings for Aluminium Composite Material Cladding. We have over 8 years of experience producing shop drawings for main contractors and we are able to provide a very professional service.

Shop drawings outline the exact details contractors are looking for and help reduce costly mistakes on site that can be made from not having clear precise plans of what you are doing and what the main contractor expects.

On top of the experience we have in shop drawings we also have over 10 years experience with design, fabrication and installation of ACM panel to the construction industry. This gives us a unique point of view to be able to provide top quality shop drawings as we have in depth knowledge of the product, it’s applications and limits.

As well as the ACM side we have produced shop drawings for garage doors, both commercial and residential.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with your requirements as we are happy to quote for any type of shop drawing, not just those for ACM.

2D & 3D CAD

A clear and precise drawing can make all the difference in your project.

Having a very accurate drawing for your next project greatly increases productivity and efficiency. Being able to show your client a clean and professional drawing or full 3D model of their product prior to manufacture can make a world of difference in your presentation and allows them to see exactly what they are getting. This helps to show that your company is very professional and thorough in your approach to getting their product manufactured to the highest of standards.

Another advantage for engineering companies is the ability to have all of your drawings on file easy and accessible at any time. It also means you have clear drawings so if you have a new team member or you need to oursource to a third party, they can start manufacturing parts straight away with little to no explanation needed of what they are to make.

CAD Tracing

Our CAD Tracing service is, to put it simply, a way of converting old 2D plans into updated digital copies.

There are hunderds of old engineering plans and building layouts etc, stored away and not seen again until something needs replacing or redevelopment is started. This can lead to a long process to sort through files and paperwork. If the drawings had already been updated to Digital the search time would be reduced to a minimum.

We can convert any old plans or drawings of practically anything into updated digital masters. These are provided to the customer in DWG, DXF and PDF Format.

There are several advantages to having hand drawn plans in a Digital format. These include:

  • Easy reference for when a part may need to be replaced
  • When an add-on is needed to a structure and the original plans need to be in a digital format for easy expansion
  • Improving accuracy of the drawings and being able to just capture a part of the original for reproduction
  • The most accurate reproduction possible can be achieved by scaling drawings from the original

File Formats

At SmartView Media we offer a high quality and professional 2D & 3D Design and Drawing service to make sure your products are presented in an attractive and customised way to suit your business and project needs.

Some of the more common file formats we deal in and can provide final drawings in are DXF, DWG and PDF

For our 3D CAD Drawings we can provide the following, FEA Analysis, 3D Models ready for CNC or Printing Production and CAB Files.

All of our 3D Drawings are produced using Solidworks and are available in a number of different formats and types depending on your requirements.

We service ALL of New Zealand